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Empower a movement.

What We Do:

Pro-Life Partners Foundation exists to be the wind beneath the wings of the pro-life movement. Our mission is to end abortion and to advance a culture of life from conception to natural death.

Over the past fifty years, the pro-life movement has made real progress, not only saving lives, but also assisting mothers with difficult pregnancies and helping post-abortive women and men find healing.

Now is the time for a new level of synergetic unity. Through alliance building, financial support, and best practices, Pro-Life Partners Foundation optimizes resources and proceeds strategically. We aspire to charity in truth and seek enduring solutions. In a phrase, we are a servant/funder.

With your support, Pro-Life Partners Foundation offers grants, matching funds, and endowments to empower the pro-life movement. We are from many one, under God, with liberty and justice for all at every stage.